New feature quietly introduced in Google Maps on Android

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Google Maps has started showing a new type of notifications to users as they drive towards a destination, pointing them to parking lots close to their point of arrival.

Both Google Maps and Waze have been able to look for parking spots close to a user-defined destination, but until now, the two applications had to manually be configured to provide navigation instructions towards these parking lots.

However, beginning with this silent update, currently available on Android exclusively, Google Maps can look for available parking spots as you get closer to the destination and display a notification to let you know where you can park the car.

According to a report from AP, this notification shows up halfway to your destination, and it is automatically dismissed if no input is provided. However, if the user does allow Google Maps to guide them to a parking lot, the trip is re-routed with instructions to this new point.

Only on Android for now

For the time being, it looks like this feature is gradually being released to users across the world, and sooner or later, everyone should get it.

What’s more, it looks like Google Maps doesn’t yet boast an option to disable this feature, though there’s a chance that Google would implement such functionality in a future update.

Google Maps’ new option seems to exist on Android only, but there’s no doubt that iOS devices will get it too, especially as the app now offers support for Apple CarPlay. Starting with the update to iOS 12 and the latest version of Google Maps, Google’s application can replace Apple Maps behind the wheel. Support for traffic navigation app Waze is also on its way.

You can download the most recent version of Google Maps APK from Softpedia using this link, and we’ll let you know in the changelog when the feature becomes available to all.

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