Atari VCS Collector's Edition will cost $299 USD + shipping

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As promised earlier this month, Atari kicked off the pre-order campaign of its upcoming Atari VCS gaming console and home entertainment streaming device today, May 30th, 2018.

After some details and a name change, it would appear that the Atari VCS device is hitting the streets in mid-2019 with the promise to bring back the good old days of gaming. Powered by a Linux-based operating system, Atari VCS is more than a gaming console, as users will also be able to use it to stream multimedia content or games, as well as to connect to the Internet for multiplayer and co-op gaming.

"Atari VCS transforms how you will engage with your TV, with a nod to Atari’s rich history of pioneering interactive entertainment and hardware innovation. It’s from Atari, so of course there are classic arcade games," said Atari. "Built on an open-source Linux OS so you can add your own software and apps to customize your own platform."

Atari VCS will be shipping with more than 100 of all-time favorite arcade titles like Asteroids, Breakout, Centipede, Gravitar, Missile Command, and Yars' Revenge, as well as other all-new and modern Atari games like Tempest 4000. Also, the device will give users access to the Atari VCS Store to buy even more content from the multitude of Atari's partners.

Under the hood, the Atari VCS device sports a custom processor from AMD with AMD Radeon graphics technology for 4K video resolution, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and 60FPS content, dual-band Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth 5.0 support, USB 3.0 support, as well as onboard storage options that can be easily expanded. Besides gaming, Atari VCS can be used as a TV and Media Center device too.

You can now pre-order an Atari VCS device

Those of you who want to purchase the Linux-powered Atari VCS device can now go to Indiegogo and buy the perk they think it's best for them. Among these, we can mention the limited edition Atari VCS Collector's Edition which features a retro-inspired wood-front design and costs $299 USD + shipping. Fans can also pre-order a sleek black version called Atari VCS Onyx for $199 USD + shipping.

The device comes with two controllers, the new Modern Controller developed by hardware maker Power A and the updated Classic Joystick controller designed specifically for the Atari VCS. These are available for pre-order as standalone perks or in select packages. The most expensive one is Atari VCS Collector's ALL IN at $339 USD + shipping, which includes Atari VCS Collector's Edition, Atari Classic Joystick, and Atari Modern Controller.

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Atari VCS
Atari VCS
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