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Magen Malware Vigilance icon A compact and efficient application able to scan your computer and notify you about the programs that have been installed without your consent

Magen Malware Vigilance is a lightweight tool designed to detect various security threats by periodically scanning your computer. The program allows you to find out if any malware components have been implanted on your computer with minimum effort.

Even if your computer is not connected to the Internet, malware components can still be installed on your PC without your knowledge. Using an antivirus is mandatory for all computers but few antivirus solutions are guaranteed to have a 100% detection rate for all threat types.

Therefore, it is a good ideea to complement your security solution with additional programs such as a rootkit or malware scanner. This application is designed to detect the components that have been implanted on your computer and might pose a security risk.

During the installation, the program makes a snapshot of your computer’s status and uses it to periodically check for changes. It is designed to automatically run the scan at a certain time interval that you can modify from the Setup tab.

When a modification is detected, the notification displayed in the system tray allows you to open the application and view the details. The information includes the file’s location, properties and digital signature.

The advanced users can also view the changed registry keys and additional technical data. However, casual users might find it hard to interpret the information in order to identify which alerts are caused by a serious security risk.

Magen Malware Vigilance is useful detection solution that can notify you about the implanted components. Unfortunately, you need to use other tools to make changes as the app does not include the option to remove or edit the registry keys.

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Magen Malware Vigilance was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
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Magen Malware Vigilance

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