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Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free icon Keep your computer secure and boost your protection against external threats with the help of this handy and straightforward antivirus.

We all know that a powerful antivirus slightly diminishes your PC performance in exchange for boosted protection. Anyway, out there, two sides are already formed. On one side, there are the users that won't sacrifice their system capabilities for no reason at all, and on the other hand, there are protection concerned users that cannot work without an antivirus. If you are a part of the last category, Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free can lend you a helping hand.

Clean and complex GUI

The app welcomes you with the classically structured interface, where the "Scan" option and the main tools are having their own set of options which makes great app customization.

Another interesting button is "Main Tools" that opens several more branches with more system configuration features that mainly cover network connections and data protection.

In-depth and running tasks scanning.

Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free offer multiple scanning options like: "Full Scan," a lengthy process that checks all system files ; "Quick Scan," which checks only the objects that are loaded with the OS at startup : "Selective Scan" lets you choose individual objects or partitions for scanning and "External Device Scan," that check your CD/DVD, USB flash drives or others.

Furthermore, you scan processes that are already running by selecting "Task Manager." This feature can detect intrusive processes that are running on your system under different names.

Manage your protection level

Some antivirus processes can become exhaustive at a given moment, due to constantly window pop-ups, system notifications, webpage blockage and others. This can push one's patience to the limits, but hopefully, all of the mentioned issues can be avoided by deactivating those features.

Most of the flexible tools can be found in "Settings" and can be activated/deactivated at any time. Note that some functions are mandatory for full protection levels, but if you think it's a burden, simply disable it.

Trusty protection application

In conclusion, Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free is a worthy antivirus, due to the company renown and the multiple tests that prove that Kaspersky

AVs have the lowest resource consumption on the system's resources. Having multiple scanning options, customizable properties, good accuracy and the possibility to disable notifications, this antivirus can stick to your for a long time.

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Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free was reviewed by Cristian Sarasanu
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Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free

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